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Federal Carbide: King of Tungsten Carbide Seal Rings

Rotating shafts require sealing systems to separate pressurized fluids, minimize the entry of debris into the operating medium, and prevent the loss of lubricants. A common solution to these problems is the mechanical face seal in which a rotating seal face and a stationary seal face comprise the seal.

Metal-bonded tungsten carbide represents a versatile seal ring material that is broadly applied in all but the most acidic environments. It is generally the material of choice in applications where distortion due to high pressures or rapid wear in abrasive environments are modes of premature failure. Tungsten carbide seals possess a unique combination of high fracture strength and high hardness that minimizes or eliminates these problems. Other favorable properties of tungsten carbide seals include high thermal conductivity values and low coefficients of thermal expansion. These characteristics promote the efficient removal of heat and provide dimensional stability at higher operating temperatures.

Federal Carbide has produced thousands of seal ring designs over its 40 year production history and has the tooling and techniques to produce almost any design efficiently and economically. Federal Carbide produces seal rings in several grade types including an entire family of nickel-bonded grades that provide superior corrosion resistance. Federal Carbide’s standard lapped and polished seal faces are flat within 2 helium light bands. Federal Carbide manufactures to customer specifications only - you get the exact tolerances, finishes, and carbide grade that your application demands. Why not get your seal ring advice from the pros at Federal Carbide.



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