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Tungsten Heavy Alloy

Grade Charts

Tungsten Heavy Alloy Grade Application Guide

Grade Application
 HA170 is the most ductile and readily machinable grade in the tungsten heavy alloy family.  Common application areas include counterbalancing and inertial damping weights for the  aviation and aerospace industries, crankshaft and chassis weights for auto racing, bucking bars for rivet setting, and radiation shielding.
 HA175 is commonly used to produce chatter-resistant boring bars, grinding quills, and tool  shanks as well as radiation shielding components.
 HA180 is often applied where size is a factor in the placement of balance or ballast weights.  Other applications include radiation shields and collimators of x-ray or gamma ray beams.
 The densest of the Ni-Fe binder alloys, HA185 is the preferred grade for radiation shielding in  the medical imaging industry.
 Employing copper as a substitute for iron in the binder phase, HA170C is nonmagnetic and  ideal for radiation shielding where the shield is in close proximity to a magnetic field.
 HA180C is a denser version of HA170C that offers somewhat greater shielding efficiency in  situations where large shields in a nonmagnetic alloy are needed.



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