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Tungsten Heavy Metal Alloy Radiation Shields

Tungsten heavy metal alloys are ideal for shielding sensitive electronic equipment and people from harmful gamma radiation and x-rays. Due to the extraordinarily high density and low toxicity of tungsten, shielding assemblies made of tungsten alloys are much smaller than those comprised of lead and do not require the safety precautions or licensing restrictions associated with lead shields. Federal Carbide’s standard grade offering includes alloys with densities as high as 0.67 lb/in3 (18.5 g/cm3) or 63% higher than that of lead.

Typical applications for tungsten alloy shields include containers for radiation sources in the nuclear industry, protective holders for oil well geologging and pipeline inspection equipment as well as other industrial instruments, collimation systems and shields for medical therapy machines, and barriers for radioactive syringe injections.

Federal Carbide can supply custom shielding components in small or large quantities and in both small and large sizes. Federal Carbide’s tungsten alloy shields are strong, but ductile, dimensionally stable to temperatures of 1000oC, easy to clean, corrosion resistant, and have long service lives. Federal Carbide will supply shielding components to your required design, tolerances, and finishes. More importantly, as a Federal Carbide customer you will realize the value attributable to Federal’s extensive expertise in the preparation and machining of tungsten alloys. For shielding components made to your specifications and choice of densities contact Federal Carbide.



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